About Eric

A unique story inspires unique art

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Born in Baltimore Maryland, Eric was brought up in a unique environment. Eric’s father, Ed Shupe, took full custody of him and took him on a 9 year walk-about across the country. He grew up in nudist colonies, tree houses in the red wood forest, and in tiki huts on the beaches of Hawaii to name a few. Ed exposed Eric to different types of art everywhere they went. Ed never took a job that he could not take Eric with him on, so while he was working he would hand Eric a scrap piece of wood and a knife to carve his own creations. Thus began his lifelong love and appreciation for art.
However, it was not until later in life that he turned his focus towards pursuing his dream of sharing his unique sculptures with the world. “Every day I see and feel the beauty of the world that surrounds us; everything from a human figure to the simple beauty of a line. It is this beauty that inspires me to create from the simple lines of silverware. I create sculptures that capture moments in time and share that with the world. I am awed and inspired by the power of what my eyes see. I absorb that power and capture all of its movement and energy in my art. My artwork will show the future generations a glimpse of the past.”

Eric was tasked to make his own toys when he was growing up. These are two of the sculptures he made as a child.
Eric is seated at the foot of a large wooden sculpture when he was a child. His father had a big influence in exposing him to art.
Eric as a child