1. Dancer
  2. Dea Syrae
    Dea Syrae
  3. Grande Vecchio
    Grande Vecchio
  4. Gaia Of the Earth
    Gaia Of the Earth
  1. Bailey
  2. Jingo
  3. Eric with Joan
    Eric with Joan
I was commissioned to create Bailey after the granddaughter of a client. She has a love for Martial Arts and he wanted me to capture that in his piece.
Jingo was created for a local client who had a love for Red tailed hawk. She supplied the rock for Jingo to be mounted on as it was from California, where she first fell in love with this beautiful creature.
This piece will probably always be one of my most sentimental commissions I have ever completed. Created for Lawrence Quinlivan who had a love for the arts. Larry and I met at my very first art show. He bought a few of my small pieces and later, him and his wife, Joan, came to my home and commissioned a piece from me. Larry loved the form of a woman, as do I, and wanted me to create a sensual woman with long hair and deliver it to him on the 1 year anniversary of our first meeting. However, very sadly 1 week prior to the show I received an email from his daughter explaining that Larry passed away a few days earlier. They invited me to his celebration of life where I delivered his piece to his wife. The piece I created was actually one of my wife that I was not planning on selling, however, Larry had expressed a love for that piece and I felt that it was meant for him. I will never forget Larry and Joan and they will always have a special place in my heart.